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Collimated light: Quiz


Question 1: ________ light from gas or crystal lasers is naturally collimated because it is formed in an optical cavity between two mirrors, in addition to being coherent.
Laser applicationsHeliumLaserX-ray

Question 2: The word "collimate" comes from the ________ verb collimare, which originated in a misreading of collineare, "to direct in a straight line".
Roman EmpireLatinOld LatinVulgar Latin

Question 3: Decollimation must be accounted for to fully treat many systems such as radio, ________, sonar, and optical communications.
X bandWeather radarUltra high frequencyRadar

Question 4: Collimated light is ________ whose rays are nearly parallel, and therefore will spread slowly as it propagates.

Question 5: A perfectly collimated beam with no divergence cannot be created due to ________, but light can be approximately collimated by a number of processes, for instance by means of a collimator.

Question 6: The light from stars (other than the ________) can be considered collimated for almost any purpose, because they are so far away and have almost no angular size.
EarthJupiterSolar SystemSun


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