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Colley Cibber: Quiz


Question 1: [3] In 1688, he joined the service of his father's patron, Lord Devonshire, who was one of the prime supporters of the ________.
Magna CartaMonarchEnglandGlorious Revolution

Question 2: Cibber was selected for political reasons, as he was a supporter of the Whig government of ________, while Pope was a Tory.
Henry Addington, 1st Viscount SidmouthHenry PelhamWilliam Pitt the YoungerRobert Walpole

Question 3: The plays below were produced at the ________, unless otherwise stated.
Theatre Royal, Drury LaneHer Majesty's TheatreRoyal Opera HouseWest End theatre

Question 4: [2] He was educated at the King's School, Grantham, from 1682 until the age of 16, but failed to win a place at ________, which had been founded by his maternal ancestor William of Wykeham.
Bedales SchoolThe Portsmouth Grammar SchoolWinchester CollegeChurcher's College

Question 5: Cibber was born in Southampton Street, in ________, London.
HolbornHampsteadCamden TownBloomsbury

Question 6: Pope's animosity began in 1717 when he helped ________ and John Gay write a farce, Three Hours After Marriage, in which one of the characters, "Plotwell" was modelled on Cibber.
Gerald ArbuthnotCharles ArbuthnotHarriet ArbuthnotJohn Arbuthnot

Question 7: The Careless Husband was a great success on the stage and remained a ________ play throughout the 18th century.

Question 8: [75] Most of the leading writers, such as Jonathan Swift, ________, and Henry Fielding, were excluded from contention for the laureateship because they were Tories.
The DunciadJohn MiltonAlexander PopePoetry

Question 9: [63] The Refusal (1721) was based on Molière's ________.
PrécieusesSalon (gathering)Théâtre du Palais-RoyalLes Femmes Savantes

Question 10: Colley Cibber (pronounced /ˈkɒli ˈsɪbər/; 6 November 1671 – 11 December 1757) was an English actor-manager, playwright and ________.
Joseph BrodskyEnglandPoet LaureateRobert Frost

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