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Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II: Quiz


Question 1: From August 1944, the division participated in operations against Yugoslav partisans and local ________.
Serbian diasporaSerbiaSerbsBelgrade

Question 2: Pro-German Russian forces also included the anti-communist ________ (POA, Russian: Русская Освободительная Армия), which saw action alongside the Wehrmacht.
Russian Liberation ArmyAndrey VlasovNazi GermanyCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

Question 3: The most significant support of Germany came from the European ________ of the Balkans[citation needed].
Axis powersNazi GermanyItalian Social RepublicIon Antonescu

Question 4: The "anti-________" forces changed sides again, and thought it would be better to be on the other winning side, or in short, their earlier "opportunism", reversed itself.
Vladimir LeninMenshevikRussian Social Democratic Labour PartyBolshevik

Question 5: When the French Vichy government emerged at the same time of the ________ in London there was much confusion regarding the loyalty of French overseas colonies and more importantly their overseas armies and naval fleet.
Vichy FranceFrench ResistanceFree French ForcesWorld War II

Question 6: The government remained intact and the ________ continued to function more or less as it had before.
Parliamentary systemUnicameralismBicameralismParliament

Question 7: [52][53] Some of its officers were ultimately awarded the ________ awards for saving Jews.
NetherlandsRighteous among the NationsThe HolocaustGermany

Question 8: [27] One of the battalions was also used to put down the ________ in 1943.
Warsaw Ghetto UprisingOdilo GlobocnikAuschwitz concentration campJürgen Stroop

Question 9: In March 1942 in Poland, the 2nd Lithuanian Battalion carried out guard duty in the ________ extermination camp.
Kraków GhettoAktion ErntefestAuschwitz concentration campMajdanek concentration camp

Question 10: The Italian Social Republic (Repubblica Sociale Italiana or RSI) was a client state of Nazi Germany led by the "Leader of the Nation" (Duce) and "Minister of Foreign Affairs" ________.
Italian FascismAxis powersFascismBenito Mussolini

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