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Cold front: Quiz


Question 1: In the warm sector, very often severe thunderstorms, ________, and hailstorms occur, because of the sharp difference between the warm air that is associated with the warm front, and the cold air that is associated with the cold front.
MeteorologyTornadoRainSevere weather

Question 2: These rainstorms sometimes bring ________, and can move very slowly because cold fronts are more prone to slow movement in the fall.
FloodNetherlandsHurricane KatrinaFlood control

Question 3: A cold front's location is at the leading edge of the ________ drop off, which in an isotherm analysis would show up as the leading edge of the isotherm gradient, and it normally lies within a sharp surface trough.
Thermodynamic temperatureLightningWater vaporTemperature

Question 4: The cooler, denser air wedges under the less dense warmer air, lifting it, which can cause the formation of a narrow line of ________ and thunderstorms when enough moisture is present.

Question 5: This upward motion causes lowered ________ along the cold front.
PressureForcePressure measurementTemperature

Question 6: On ________, the surface position of the cold front is marked with the symbol of a blue line of triangles/spikes (pips) pointing in the direction of travel.
WindSurface weather analysisWeather mapMeteorology

Question 7: These bands of precipitation are often very strong in nature, and especially in the Spring and Summer months, can bring severe thunderstorms and/or ________.
MeteorologySevere weatherRainTornado


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