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Cold chain: Quiz


Question 1: Cold chains are common in the ________ and pharmaceutical industries and also some chemical shipments.
MeatMedieval cuisineCookingFood

Question 2: The food industry uses the process of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, ________, as a useful tool.
Food safetyHazard Analysis and Critical Control PointsFoodborne illnessCodex Alimentarius

Question 3: It is used help extend and ensure the shelf life of products such as fresh agricultural produce[1], processed foods, photographic film, chemicals and ________.
Pharmaceutical drugNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugPsychoactive drugAntidepressant

Question 4: Thermocouple probes and separate temperature ________ measure temperatures within the product load to determine the response of the package to the test conditions.
Data loggerBlack box (transportation)Log management and intelligenceServer log

Question 5: Shipment in insulated shipping containers or other specialised ________[3].
PlasticPackaging and labelingRecyclingLabel

Question 6: "Manual on the Management, Maintenance and Use of Blood Cold Chain Equipment", ________, 2005, ISBN 9241546735
SwitzerlandUniversal Postal UnionFood and Agriculture OrganizationWorld Health Organization

Question 7: [4] They also can help determine the remaining ________.
Foodborne illnessBacteriaFoodShelf life

Question 8: The use of refrigerator trucks, ________, reefer ships, reefer containers, and refrigerated warehouses is common.
Refrigerator carGustavus Franklin SwiftStock car (rail)Tank car

Question 9: Temperature data loggers and ________ tags help monitor the temperature history of the truck, warehouse, etc and the temperature history of the product being shipped.
ShanghaiLondonRadio-frequency identificationUnited States

Question 10: This is important in the supply of ________ to distant clinics in hot climates served by poorly developed transport networks.
Antiviral drugAntihypertensive drugAntibioticVaccine


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