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Coining (metalworking): Quiz


Question 1: For example, it is used to produce money (coins), medals, badges, ________, precision-energy springs and precision parts with small or polished surface features.
VelcroButtonButtonholeSnap fastener

Question 2: A beneficial feature is that in some metals, the plastic flow reduces surface grains size, work hardening the surface, while the material deeper in the part retains its toughness and ________.

Question 3: In soldering of ________, bumps are formed on bonding pads to enhance adhesion, which are further flattened by the coining process.
DiodeSemiconductor deviceVacuum tubeElectronic component

Question 4: Coining is a cold working process (similar to ________ which takes place at elevated temperature) that uses a great deal of force to plastically deform a workpiece, so it conforms to a die.
MetalworkingMetalworking terminologyBrake (sheet metal bending)Forging


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