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Question 1: In ________, the toss is often of critical importance, as the decision of the winning captain to bat or bowl first has a heavy influence on the outcome of the game.
CricketIndoor cricketBat-and-ball gamesOlympic Games

Question 2: In team sports it is often the captain who makes the call, while the umpire or ________ usually oversees such proceedings.
Ice hockeyAssociation footballBowlsReferee

Question 3: In the 1939 film ________, a state governor has to select an interim Senator, and he is being pressured by two opposing factions to choose between their respective candidates, Mr.
It Happened One NightMr. Smith Goes to WashingtonFrank CapraIt's a Wonderful Life

Question 4: Coin flipping as a game was known to the Romans as "navia aut caput" (ship or head), as some coins had a ________ on one side and the head of the emperor on the other[citation needed].
Herring BussFishing vesselShipFelucca

Question 5: The ________ lottery game Big Wednesday uses a coin toss.
AustraliaNauruUnited KingdomNew Zealand

Question 6: Factors such as ________ and other conditions may affect the decision, for example in outdoor sports a player or team may choose to have the wind at their backs initially, hoping it will change direction later in the game.
Precipitation (meteorology)ThunderstormMeteorologyWind

Question 7: Experimental and theoretical analysis of coin tossing has shown that the outcome is predictable, to some degree at least, if the initial conditions of the toss (position, velocity and ________) are known.
Rigid bodyAngular momentumForceEnergy

Question 8: Coin tossing may be modeled as a problem in ________.
Lagrangian mechanicsHamiltonian mechanicsForceClassical mechanics

Question 9: Unlike ________, coin tossing is not usually invoked purely for amusement.
Chicken (game)Game theoryRock-paper-scissorsWanker

Question 10: The most popular coin to flip in ________ and the United States is the quarter because of its size and ubiquity; in the UK a 2p, 10p or 50p piece is favoured.
CanadaBarbadosBelizeThe Bahamas

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