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Question 1: Guitar-shaped coins were once issued in Somalia, Poland once issued a fan-shaped 10 złoty coin, but perhaps the oddest coin ever was the 2002 $10 coin from ________, a Europe-shaped coin.
NauruAnguillaBarbadosTrinidad and Tobago

Question 2: This way the coin has a constant diameter, recognisable by ________ whichever direction it is inserted.
JapanVending machineFull-line vendingGermany

Question 3: One assumption is that Phanes was a wealthy merchant, another that this coin is associated with Apollo-Phanes and, due to the Deer, with Artemis (twin sister of the god of light ________-Phaneos).
Greek mythologyApolloHermesHera

Question 4: 700-550 BC, either by the local Aegina people or by Pheidon king of ________ (who first set the standards of weights and measures).
Myloi, ArgolisErmioniArgosNafplion

Question 5: Coins have long been linked to the concept of money, as reflected by the fact that in other languages the words "coin" and "________" are synonymous.
ISO 4217United States dollarCyprusCurrency

Question 6: The triangular coin (produced to commemorate the 2007/2008 Tutankhamun exhibition at the The O2 Arena) was commissioned by the ________, became legal tender on 6 December 2007.
JerseyIsle of ManRepublic of IrelandUnited Kingdom

Question 7: 550 BC in ________, an island in the Aegean Sea, with coins of Athens and Corinth soon following.
PorosAeginaHydra islandSalamis Island

Question 8: [4][5] Opponents of the Lydia scenario point to the indisputable fact that coins of that era have been totally absent from archeological finds in ________, capital of Lydia [6].

Question 9: [35] The first European coin to use ________ to date the year in which the coin was minted was the Swiss 1424 St. Gallen silver Plappart.
Arabic languageAbjad numeralsEastern Arabic numeralsArabic numerals

Question 10: Aristotle states that possibly the first coins were struck by Demodike of Kyme who had married Midas, king of Pessinus, and had by him a son named ________ [3]

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