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Question 1:
Which of the following genres does Coil (band) produce?

Question 2: Following Gosling's departure Balance and Christopherson teamed up with ________, and under the alias Sickness of Snakes released the split album Nightmare Culture with the experimental group Current 93.
Music, Martinis and MisanthropyGod & BeastEasy Listening for Iron YouthBoyd Rice

Question 3: [25][34][35] Coil also expressed interest in krautrock groups including Cluster, Amon Düül II, Can, ________ and Tangerine Dream.
KraftwerkRadio-ActivityAutobahn (album)Trans-Europe Express (album)

Question 4: Other instruments the group incorporated into their music included the theremin and electronic ________.
RyūtekiShakuhachiWooden fishHotchiku

Question 5: [12] Furthermore, Coil claimed inspiration for Pinhead was partly drawn from the piercing magazines director ________ borrowed from the group.
WeaveworldThe Midnight Meat TrainClive BarkerRazorline

Question 6:
Which of the following labels did Coil (band) work with?

Question 7: In contrast to many of their earlier releases, Coil's later material is characterized by a slower sound which relies more on drone than ________.
Acid houseMadchesterTrip hopAcid techno

Question 8:
What is the origin of Coil (band)?
Peckham, London, England
Miami, Florida
London, England

Question 9:
What is Coil (band) also known as?
Backhand, Chuck Majors, Buick Adams, D.A. Adams, Claymore Rush, Brick Adams
Murda Mil's Finest, Midwest Giants, SNYD
The Rest Stop Killer
Black Light District, ELpH, Sickness Of Snakes, The Eskaton, Time Machines

Question 10: And we don't have a very sympathetic view of ________ up to this point.
ChristianityChristianJesusCatholic Church

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