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Question 1: In education, for instance, which has the explicit task in society of developing child cognition, choices are made regarding the environment and permitted action that lead to a formed ________.

Question 2: The phenomenal success of the cognitive approach can be seen by its current dominance as the core model in contemporary psychology (usurping ________ in the late 1950s).
Wilhelm WundtWilliam JamesBehaviorismEvolutionary psychology

Question 3: Recently, advanced cognitive research has been especially focused on the capacities of ________, generalization, concretization/specialization and meta-reasoning.

Question 4: Usage of the term varies in different disciplines; for example in psychology and ________, it usually refers to an information processing view of an individual's psychological functions.
Artificial intelligenceCognitive psychologyCognitionCognitive science

Question 5: [2] Traditionally, ________ was not thought of as a cognitive process.
EmotionPositive psychologyEvolutionary psychologyPsychology

Question 6: Consequently, this description tends to apply to processes such as memory, association, concept formation, language, ________, perception, action, problem solving and mental imagery.
Executive functionsCognitive psychologyAttentionNeuropsychology

Question 7: It has been observed since antiquity that ________ in human children fails to emerge unless the children are exposed to language.
Language acquisitionSemanticsLinguisticsPsycholinguistics

Question 8: Cognition is the scientific term for "the process of ________" to knowing.
ThoughtPerceptionLearningCognitive psychology

Question 9: This involves such concepts as ________, knowledge, desires, preferences and intentions of intelligent individuals, objects, agents or systems.

Question 10: The links of cognition to evolutionary demands are studied through the investigation of ________.
Cetacean intelligenceAnimal cognitionElephant intelligenceEthology

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