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Cognate: Quiz


Question 1: The word cognate derives from Latin cognatus "________".
FamilyChinese kinshipKinship terminologyKinship

Question 2: An example of cognates within the same language would be English shirt and skirt, the former from Old English scyrte, the latter loaned from Old Norse skyrta, both from the same ________ *skurtjōn-.
Gothic languageOld High GermanProto-GermanicGermanic languages

Question 3: Further cognates of the same word in other ________ would include German Schürze and Dutch schort "apron".
Old NorseNorth Germanic languagesGermanic languagesWest Germanic languages

Question 4: ________ are words that are commonly thought to be related (have a common origin) whereas linguistic examination reveals they are unrelated.
False cognateEnglish languageMama and papaComparative method

Question 5: The Hebrew shalom, the Arabic salaam and the Amharic selam ("peace") are also cognates, derived from ________ *šalām-.
Proto-Semitic languageAramaic languageMaltese languageAkkadian language

Question 6: Cognates in linguistics are words that have a common ________ origin.
Morphology (linguistics)Historical linguisticsEtymologyGrammar


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