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Cogito ergo sum: Quiz


Question 1: The phrase Cogito ergo sum is not used in Descartes' ________, but the term "the cogito" is (often confusingly) used to refer to an argument from it.
Cartesian doubtDream argumentRené DescartesMeditations on First Philosophy

Question 2: Another predecessor was ________'s "Floating Man" thought experiment on human self-awareness and self-consciousness.

Question 3: In Descartes, The Project of Pure Enquiry, ________ provides a history and full evaluation of this issue.
Søren KierkegaardImmanuel KantAristotleBernard Williams

Question 4: Plato spoke about the "knowledge of knowledge" (Greek νόησις νοήσεως - nóesis noéseos) and ________ explains the idea in full length:
EmpiricismAristotleWillard Van Orman QuineBertrand Russell

Question 5: ________ in De Civitate Dei writes "Si […] fallor, sum" ("If I am mistaken, I am") (book XI, 26), and also anticipates modern refutations of the concept.
Augustine of HippoBlaise PascalThomas AquinasAnselm of Canterbury

Question 6: Descartes's original statement was "Je pense donc je suis," from his ________ (1637).
Meditations on First PhilosophyDiscourse on the MethodRené DescartesCogito ergo sum

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