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Question 1: Pantera guitarist ________ was buried in one.
Vinnie PaulPhil AnselmoDimebag DarrellDimebag Darrell discography and filmography

Question 2: In some varieties of ________, the coffin must be plain, made of wood, and contain no metal parts nor adornments.
Conservative JudaismAshkenazi JewsOrthodox JudaismRabbi

Question 3: In ________ and Japan, coffins made from the scented, decay-resistant wood of cypress, sugi, thuja and incense-cedar are in high demand.
Province (China)Time in ChinaReligion in ChinaChina

Question 4: However, no coffin will preserve the body, regardless of whether it is a wooden or metal coffin, a sealed casket, or if the deceased was ________ beforehand.

Question 5: For example, some may offer a protective casket that uses a ________ to seal the casket shut after the coffin is closed for the final time.
PolymerWasher (hardware)O-ringGasket

Question 6: In ________, coffins made of crushed oyster shells were used in the 18th and 19th centuries.
TaiwanTaiwanese peoplePhilippinesTaiwanese aborigines

Question 7: In ________, elaborate coffins are built in the shapes of various mundane objects, like automobiles or aeroplanes.
African UnionAfricaScramble for AfricaSub-Saharan Africa

Question 8: A coffin (also known as a casket in North American English) is a funerary box used in the display and containment of deceased remains – either for ________ or cremation.
Death and cultureBurialSuicideDeath

Question 9: In the 1961 ________ film Yojimbo, the protagonist, anticipating a shortage of coffins due to an impending battle (planned by Yojimbo) persuades several coopers to start making more coffins.
Rashomon (film)Seven SamuraiYojimbo (film)Akira Kurosawa

Question 10: title Use of the word "casket" in this sense began as a ________ introduced by the undertaker's trade in North America; a "casket" was originally a box for jewelry.
Media biasEuphemismBook burningCensorship

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