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Coefficient of thermal expansion: Quiz


Question 1: In such cases it is necessary to treat thermal expansion as a ________ that has up to six independent elements.
Multilinear algebraTensorMetric tensorExterior algebra

Question 2: For a gas of low density this can be seen from the ________ law.
Ideal gasTemperatureStatistical mechanicsMaxwell–Boltzmann statistics

Question 3: ________
HafniumGoldThermal expansion coefficients of the elements (data page)Germanium

Question 4: This ratio arises because volume is composed of three mutually ________ directions.
Vector spaceEuclidean vectorOrthogonalityEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspace

Question 5: In ________ materials the total volumetric expansion is distributed unequally among the three axes and if the crystal symmetry is monoclinic or triclinic even the angles between these axes are subject to thermal changes.

Question 6: A good way to determine the elements of the tensor is to study the expansion by ________.
CrystallographyPowder diffractionX-ray crystallographyNeutron diffraction


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