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Question 1: Steven Schwartzman (1994) The Words of Mathematics: an etymological dictionary of mathematical terms used in English, page 48, ________, ISBN 0883855119.
Mathematics MagazineConference Board of the Mathematical SciencesMathematical Association of AmericaAmerican Mathematical Society

Question 2: ________ (thermodynamics) (dimensionless) - Relates the change in temperature to the change in a material's dimensions.
Coefficient of thermal expansionSilverAluminiumCopper

Question 3: For example, the ________ (x1,x2,...
Cartesian coordinate systemSpherical coordinate systemCoordinate systemOrthogonal coordinates

Question 4: xn) of a vector v in a ________ with basis {e1,e2,...,en}, are the coefficients of the basis vectors in the expression
Matrix (mathematics)Hilbert spaceVector spaceGroup (mathematics)

Question 5: In ________, the leading coefficient of a row in a matrix is the first nonzero entry in that row.
Vector spaceLinear algebraEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceMatrix (mathematics)

Question 6: Thus a ________ in one variable x can be written as
PolynomialField (mathematics)Prime numberAlgebra

Question 7: Transmission Coefficient (________) (dimensionless) - Represents the probability flux of a transmitted wave relative to that of an incident wave.
Schrödinger equationQuantum mechanicsWave–particle dualityIntroduction to quantum mechanics

Question 8: Ballistic coefficient (BC) (________) (units of kg/m2) - A measure of a body's ability to overcome air resistance in flight.
Bernoulli's principleNavier–Stokes equationsAerodynamicsFluid dynamics

Question 9: In ________, a coefficient is a multiplicative factor in some term of an expression (or of a series) that does involve any variables.
GeometryMathematicsMathematical logicSet theory

Question 10: ________ (KD) (chemistry) - The ratio of concentrations of a compound in two phases of a mixture of two immiscible solvents at equilibrium.
Solubility equilibriumPartition coefficientSolubilitySolvation


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