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Codex Theodosianus: Quiz


Question 1: A commission was established by ________ in 429[1] and the compilation was published in the eastern half of the Roman Empire in 438.
Justinian ITheodosius IIPulcheriaMarcian

Question 2: [11] It was also concerned with the imposition of orthodoxy - the ________ controversy was ongoing - within the Christian religion and contains 65 decrees directed at heretics.
Germanic ChristianityGothic ChristianityFranksArianism

Question 3: A collection of imperial enactments called the ________ had been written in 291 AD and the Codex Hermogenianus, a limited collection of rescripts from 293-294 AD, was published.
Codex GregorianusRoman EmpireRoman NavyByzantine Empire

Question 4: The Code was written in ________ and incorporated the terms Constantinopolitana and Roma for Constantine's capital and for the original capital in Italy.
Old LatinVulgar LatinLatinRoman Empire

Question 5: The Codex Theodosianus was a compilation of the laws of the Roman Empire under the ________ emperors since 312.
ChristianityCatholic ChurchChristianJesus

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