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Question 1: A modification of CP850 is CP858, differing only in the character at position D5HEX: the Turkish dotless-i (ı) in CP850, which is replaced with a ________ sign (€) in CP858.
Pound sterlingEuroEurozoneEuropean Central Bank

Question 2: Code page 850 is a code page that was used in western Europe, under systems such as ________.
CP/MFile Allocation TableDOSMS-DOS

Question 3: Standard ________ and ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) character glyphs are shown as colored cells.
Code page 437Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange CodeWindows-1252ASCII

Question 4: ________
ISO/IEC 8859Mac OS RomanEBCDIC 037Western Latin character sets (computing)

Question 5: It was also sometimes used on English DOS systems although ________ was generally the default on those.
Windows-1252ISO/IEC 8859-15Code page 437ISO/IEC 8859-1


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