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Coca eradication: Quiz


Question 1: The US-based ________, along with local governments, has frequently clashed with cocaleros in attempts to eradicate coca across the Andes.
Drug Enforcement AdministrationUnited States AttorneyUnited States Attorney GeneralUnited States Marshals Service

Question 2: ________, Bolivian president and former cocalero activist
Andrés de Santa CruzEvo MoralesJorge QuirogaSimón Bolívar

Question 3: has also been involved in the development of the ________ Fusarium oxysporum to wipe out coca.

Question 4: The bottom line is that crop eradication - whether coca bush or poppy crop - can only be successful when economic alternatives are readily available for ________ or poppy farmers to fall back on.
CocaCocaineAtropa belladonnaCannabis

Question 5: The growers of coca are named Cocaleros and part of the coca production for traditional use is legal in Peru, Bolivia and ________.

Question 6: government is to constrict the flow of income to the Colombian pseudo-________ rebel movement, FARC, which is heavily funded by the illegal drug trade, rather than combating drugs per se.
Dialectical materialismMarxismDialecticKarl Marx

Question 7: Article 26 of the ________, a treaty promulgated with U.S.
Convention on Psychotropic SubstancesSingle Convention on Narcotic DrugsHeroinAnnual cannabis use by country

Question 8: In the sierra of Peru, Bolivia, and northern ________, coca has been consumed (by chewing and brewing in infusion) for thousands of years as a stimulant and cure for altitude sickness; it also has symbolic value.
BrazilArgentinaChileBuenos Aires

Question 9: Many poor campesinos, driven from the central highlands by lack of land or loss of jobs, migrated to the lowlands and valleys of the eastern ________, where they turned to the cultivation of coca.
Physical geographyGran ChacoAndesGeography

Question 10: "The stable cultivation in 2004 throws into doubt US officials’ predictions of a major impact on US drug prices and purity," commented ________, WOLA Senior Associate for Drug Policy.
John WalshFloridaNew YorkAmerica's Most Wanted

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