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Question 1:
Cobra (manga), Naruto and One Piece are all:
Japanese television series 1982 films Adventure anime and manga Manga of 1978

Question 2: He explained that the animation looks like that of a ________.
Saturday morning cartoonABC Kids (US)Discovery Kids on NBCFox Kids

Question 3: Popy and ________ included Cobra's ground vehicle, the Psychoroid, in the Japanese Machine Robo toyline, where it gained the ability to transform into a robot.
Bandai VisualSunrise (company)BandaiNamco

Question 4: The comic book issues that were released by ________, then known as "Viz Communications" were put under their Viz Select Comics line.
Viz MediaShonen Jump (magazine)Shojo BeatTokyopop

Question 5: [2][6] Cobra was even adaptated into a ________, Space Adventure Cobra: Galaxy Knights (SPACE ADVENTURE COBRA〜ギャラクシーナイツ ?
LaptopHandheld game consoleE-bookTablet PC

Question 6: [7] The manga series was only partially released in the United States by ________ in 1990, in a twelve-issue series of books, each issue containing 48 pages[8].
Shonen Jump (magazine)Viz MediaShojo BeatTokyopop

Question 7: He felt the main character took "after ________, albeit somewhat on the silly side, and the costumes and bizarre worlds are but a shade shy of plagiarizing Barbarella.
James BondBond girlJames Bond (character)00 Agent

Question 8:
Cobra (manga), Cowboy Bebop and Red Dwarf are all:
Viz Media manga Space pirates Action anime and manga Films based on manga

Question 9:
Cobra (manga), Mobile Suit Gundam and The Super Dimension Fortress Macross are all:
Anime OVAs Viz Media manga Films based on manga Anime of 1982

Question 10: The manga was also published in Sweden by Epix Förlag, and in ________ by Tong Li Publishing.
PhilippinesTaiwanTaiwanese aboriginesTaiwanese people

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