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Question 1: Major League Soccer's ________ have had cobalt blue as the primary color of its home uniforms since 2008.
1999 Kansas City Wizards season2005 Kansas City Wizards seasonKansas City Wizards2009 Kansas City Wizards season

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Cobalt blue have?
Cobalt blue
Member of Parliament for West Lothian
English National Rugby Union Captain
Elections in New South Wales

Question 3: John Varley suggested cobalt blue as a good substitution for ________ blue for painting skies.
Azure (color)CeruleanUltramarineEgyptian blue

Question 4: The ________ seen on many glassware pieces is cobalt blue, and it is used widely by artists in many other fields.
Orange (colour)IndigoBlueGreen

Question 5: Chemically it is a cobalt(II) oxide-________, or cobalt(II) aluminate, CoAl2O4.
Aluminium hydroxideAluminium oxideAluminium sulfateAluminium chloride

Question 6: The world leading manufacturer of cobalt blue in the 19th century was Blaafarveværket in ________, led by Benjamin Wegner.
United StatesPolandNorwayGermany

Question 7: Because of its chemical stability in the presence of alkali, cobalt blue is used as a pigment in blue ________.

Question 8: ________, famous partly for the intensity of his skyscapes, used cobalt blue, and cobalt blue is sometimes called Parrish blue as a result.
Daybreak (painting)Maxfield ParrishVisual artsRockwell Kent

Question 9: Cobalt blue is a cool, slightly desaturated blue color, historically made using ________ salts.

Question 10: The compound is made by ________ the stoichiometric mixture of finely ground CoO and Al2O3 at 1200°C.
CarbonSinteringCeramic engineeringSilicon


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