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Coaxial cable: Quiz


Question 1: 1880 — Coaxial cable patented in ________ by Oliver Heaviside, patent no.
ScotlandEnglandWalesUnited Kingdom

Question 2: Outdoor applications may require the jacket to resist ultraviolet light and ________.

Question 3: To hold the shield at a uniform distance from the central conductor, the space between the two is filled with a semirigid plastic ________.
Maxwell's equationsPermittivityDielectricMetamaterial

Question 4: 75 ohm coax made a nice 4:1 ________ transformer for these antennas as well as presented a nice attenuation specification.
Twisted pairAntenna (radio)Coaxial cableBalun

Question 5: 1936 — Coaxial cable laid by the General Post Office (now BT) between London and ________, providing 40 telephone channels.

Question 6: Solid ________ (PTFE) is also used as an insulator.
Wallace CarothersDuPontPolytetrafluoroethyleneNomex

Question 7: However, above a certain cutoff frequency, transverse electric (TE) and/or transverse magnetic (TM) modes can also propagate, as they do in a ________.
MicrowaveElectromagnetic radiationWaveguide (electromagnetism)Waveguide

Question 8: Short coaxial cables are commonly used to connect home ________ equipment, in ham radio setups, and in measurement electronics.
Blu-ray DiscHD DVDVideoDigital video

Question 9: For example, in the United States, signal leakage from ________ systems is regulated by the FCC, since cable signals use the same frequencies as aeronautical and radionavigation bands.
Shaw DirectIPTVSatellite televisionCable television

Question 10: Those parameters are determined from the ratio of the inner (d) and outer (D) diameters and the ________ (ε).
Relative permittivityBarium titanateAluminiumSilicon


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