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Coat of arms of Puerto Rico: Quiz


Question 1: The current version was officially re-adopted by the Commonwealth government of ________ in 3 June 1976.
United States Virgin IslandsSan Juan, Puerto RicoPuerto RicoUnited States

Question 2: The coat of arms is now used as the official emblem of the Governor of Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico State Department and of the ________ as a whole.
Government of Puerto RicoGovernment of KansasGovernment of OklahomaFederal government of the United States

Question 3: The green background represents the island's vegetation. The Lamb of God and flag on the shield are those of St. John the Baptist, while the book with the seven seals on which the lamb sits represents the ________, generally attributed to John the Apostle.
2 EsdrasBook of RevelationBook of DanielNew Testament

Question 4: The Coat of arms of the ________ was first granted by the Spanish Crown in 1511, and is the oldest arms still used in the New World.
United StatesPolitics of Puerto RicoSan Juan, Puerto RicoPuerto Rico

Question 5: The first Governors used the seal as their emblem but in recent years the usage of the seal was limited to being the official emblem of ________ and its Legislature among some offices of the Departments of the Executive Branch.
San Juan, Puerto RicoUnited StatesUnited States Virgin IslandsPuerto Rico


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