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Question 1: The Queen of Canada has delegated her prerogative to grant armorial bearings to the ________.
Prime Minister of CanadaParliament of CanadaThe Canadian Crown and the Canadian ForcesGovernor General of Canada

Question 2: A ________, or papal church also gets a coat of arms, which is usually displayed on the building.

Question 3: Among the states ruled by communist regimes, coats of arms resembling the Soviet design were adopted in all the ________ states except Czechoslovakia and Poland.
Warsaw PactIron CurtainEastern BlocComecon

Question 4: The ________ is situated at Rideau Hall.
Canadian heraldryCanadian Heraldic AuthorityDauphin Herald ExtraordinaryQueen's Personal Canadian Flag

Question 5: For instance, the mon of the powerful ________ simply consisted of three leaves.
Toyotomi HideyoshiMiyamoto MusashiOda NobunagaTokugawa Ieyasu

Question 6: Some ________ came from armigerous (noble) families; others adopted coats of arms during their career in the church.
Pope Benedict XVIPopePope John Paul IICatholic Church

Question 7: An example in recent use is the logo of ________ corporation which started as a shipping and maritime enterprise and whose emblem is based on a water chestnut derived from its maritime history with a military naval influence.
MitsubishiMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesNikonMitsubishi Motors

Question 8: [5] The author Helen Stuart argues that some coats of arms were a form of corporate ________.
Corporate identityGraphicsBrandLogo

Question 9: In the heraldic traditions of ________ and Scotland an individual, rather than a family, had a coat of arms.
British peopleWalesEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 10: Since 1989, some of the ex-________, such as Romania, have resumed their former arms, often with only the symbols of monarchy removed.
East GermanyCommunist stateSocialist stateSocialism with Chinese characteristics


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