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Question 1: Corded coat: for example, see ________
KomondorPumi (dog)PuliVizsla

Question 2: Modern dog breeds exhibit a diverse array of fur coats, including dogs without fur, such as the ________.
Chinese Crested DogPeruvian Hairless DogPharaoh HoundMexican Hairless Dog

Question 3: There is a greater variety of coat colours and patterns found in domestic (tame) dogs than in the wild ________, even though dogs and wolves are of the same genus.
CougarRaccoonCoyoteGray Wolf

Question 4: The terms fur and ________ are often used interchangeably when describing dog coats, but in general, a double coat, such as that of the Newfoundland, is called a fur coat, while a single coat, such as the poodle's coat, may be called a hair coat.
Human skinBreastAbdominal hairHair

Question 5: [7] For example, the white in white miniature schnauzers is a cream colour, not albinism (a genotype of e/e at ________.)
Oxytocin receptorCALCRLCholecystokinin B receptorMelanocortin 1 receptor

Question 6: The coat of a ________ is the pelage that covers its body.
Dog healthDog breedDogCoat (dog)

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