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Question 1: The human influence on ________ is thought to be a contributing factor of an accelerated trend in sea level rise which threatens coastal habitat.
Climate changeMilankovitch cyclesCurrent sea level riseLittle Ice Age

Question 2:
Who played Cowboy the movie Coast?
Gregg Vance
Milan Olejnik
George Joseph Gordon
Eric Fleeks

Question 3:
What role did Eric Fleeks play in the movie Coast?
Campbell Kent
Garrett Lockley

Question 4: Much of the sediment deposited along a coast is the result of erosion of a surrounding ________, or bluff.
HeadlandCape (geography)Sound (geography)Cliff

Question 5: The main agents responsible for deposition and ________ along coastlines are waves, tides and currents.
DuneMouth barRiver deltaErosion

Question 6:
Who played Garrett Lockley the movie Coast?
Gregg Vance
Gregg Vance
George Joseph Gordon
Eric Fleeks

Question 7: At that scale the coastline appears as a momentarily shifting, potentially infinitely long thread with a ________ arrangement of bays and promontories formed from the small objects at hand.
StochasticJohn von NeumannMonte Carlo methodProbability

Question 8: ________ and anemones are true animals, but live a similar lifestyle as plants do.
CoralScleractiniaGorgonianCoral reef

Question 9: Salt marshes and beaches also support a diversity of plants, ________, and insects crucial to the food chain.

Question 10: The coast and its adjacent areas on and off shore is an important part of a local ________ as the mixture of fresh water and salt water in estuaries provides many nutrients for marine life.
Ecosystem ecologySystems ecologyEcosystemEcology


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