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Coalition: Quiz


Question 1: ________, Malaysian opposition coalition
Parti Keadilan RakyatPakatan RakyatDemocratic Action PartyPan-Malaysian Islamic Party

Question 2: Within political science, coalition theory is using ________ to analyze formation, workings and break-up of coalitions .
Evolutionarily stable strategyGame theoryPrisoner's dilemmaNash equilibrium

Question 3: A coalition thus differs from a more formal ________.
ChicagoJudaismCovenantWhite people

Question 4: The combination of such persons or entities into one body, as a union, variously organized and structured, but generally less formal than a ________.
White peopleChicagoCovenantJudaism

Question 5: ________, Malaysian ruling party coalition
Barisan NasionalPakatan RakyatParti Keadilan RakyatDemocratic Action Party

Question 6: Bush during the Persian Gulf War, as well as the "________", a phrase employed during the 2003 campaign for the war in Iraq led by the United States and its allies [1].
Coalition of the willingPost-invasion Iraq, 2003–presentAzerbaijan2003 invasion of Iraq

Question 7: For example, Dunkin Donuts and ________ create a coalition by having shared stores and thus shared revenue.
Subway (restaurant)Burger KingKFCBaskin-Robbins

Question 8: In ________, the Coalition is also used to refer to an alliance (coalition agreement) of three parties (the Liberals, Nationals and Country Liberals) existing in federal politics since 1922—this constitutes a parliamentary coalition.
CanadaAustraliaBarbadosUnited Kingdom

Question 9: The ________ defines conditions where rational players can benefit other players in the coalition.
Nash equilibriumGame theorySolution conceptCoordination game

Question 10: The Trader Emergency Coalition, a playable race in ________.
Demigod (video game)Galactic Civilizations II: Dread LordsElemental: War of MagicSins of a Solar Empire

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