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Clutha River: Quiz


Question 1: The Clutha also provides irrigation for stone fruit orchards around Cromwell, Alexandra, and Roxburgh, which provide ________, apricots, nectarines, cherries, and peaches.
Granny SmithZestar AppleAppleYork Imperial

Question 2: ________, kayaking, rafting, and guided fishing occurs on the river, and waterskiing, tandem parachuting and parapenting operators are all to be found in the area.
Expeditionary Fighting VehicleRigid-hulled inflatable boatJetboatPropeller

Question 3: There are two ________ power stations, the Clyde Dam and the Roxburgh Dam, located on the river providing electricity to the New Zealand power grid.
Wind powerHydroelectricityPumped-storage hydroelectricityCoal

Question 4: Shortly thereafter it is joined by another tributary, the Lindis, before widening as it enters Lake Dunstan, an artificial lake created behind the massive ________ dam at Clyde.
HydroelectricityWind powerPumped-storage hydroelectricityCoal

Question 5: ________ is also played close to the Clutha in the harsh Central Otago winters.
CurlingBowlingWheelchair curlingBowls

Question 6: Towns and areas affected stretched from Makarora in the north to ________ in the south.

Question 7: The upper reaches of the river once abounded in flightless ________, predated upon by the Haast Eagle, Haast's Eagle.
MoaDeinotheriumWoolly mammothMegalania

Question 8: The river takes its modern name from Cluaidh, the Scots Gaelic name for the River Clyde in Scotland which runs through ________.

Question 9: The river featured greatly in the ________.
New ZealandSouth IslandCentral Otago Gold RushWest Coast Gold Rush

Question 10: Several major ________ have occurred on the Clutha, most notably the “Hundred year floods” of 14-16 October 1878 and 13-15 October 1978.
Flood controlNetherlandsFloodHurricane Katrina


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