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Clustering illusion: Quiz


Question 1: [3] In fact, in a short number of trials, variability and non-random-looking "streaks" are quite ________.
Random variableStatisticsFrequency probabilityProbability

Question 2: In sequences like this, people seem to expect to see a greater number of alternations than one would predict ________.
StatisticsProbabilityRegression analysisMathematical statistics

Question 3: ________ and Amos Tversky explained this kind of misprediction as being caused by the representativeness heuristic[4] (which itself they also first proposed).
Daniel KahnemanLeonid HurwiczMichael SpencePaul Krugman

Question 4: Clustering (or the illusion of clustering) is also used in the analysis of ________ and TCP/IP Sequence Numbers:
Strange Attractors and TCP/IP Sequence Number Analysis - One Year Later
One-time padAdvanced Encryption StandardCryptographyCryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator

Question 5: Using this ________ in causal reasoning may result in the Texas sharpshooter fallacy.
Cognitive biasObserver-expectancy effectCognitive dissonanceSocial psychology (psychology)

Question 6: looked non-________, when, in fact, it has several characteristics maximally probable for a "random" stream, such as an equal number of each result and an equal number of adjacent results with the same outcome for both possible outcomes.
RandomnessProbabilityInformation theoryHardware random number generator


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