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Question 1: "Clues" is the 88th episode of the ________ television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and the 14th episode of the show's fourth season.
Alternate historyScience fiction fandomScience fictionCyberpunk

Question 2: Clues at ________ (a Star Trek wiki)
Memory AlphaStar Trek: First ContactTrekkieStar Trek: The Motion Picture

Question 3: ________
Rhonda Aldrich
Pamela Winslow
Whoopi Goldberg
Star Trek: The Next GenerationColm MeaneyThe Commitments (film)Armin Shimerman

Question 4: As they approach the planet, the ship encounters a ________ and everyone except Lt.
WormholeGeneral relativityTime travelWarp drive

Question 5: Picard follows his advice but, as the probe approaches the system, its sensors indicate a frozen ________, not the class M planet indicated by the original long-range scan.
SaturnGas giantTerrestrial planetJupiter

Question 6: In this episode, the crew of the Federation ________ starship USS Enterprise become suspicious and mistrustful of Operations Officer Lt.
Star Trek: Deep Space NineStarfleetVulcan (Star Trek)Star Trek: The Next Generation


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