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Question 1:
How is Clozapine excreted?
80% in metabolized state: 30% biliary and 50% renal
Mostly renal, also biliary
15 to 30% renal
Renal 90%, biliary 10%

Question 2:
What is the elimination half life of Clozapine?
2.6 to 4 hours
2.6 to 16 hours, mean 5.7 hours
3-6 hours
6 to 26 hours

Question 3:
What is the chemical name of Clozapine (IUPAC)
1-- 7,8-dimethoxy- 4-methyl- 5H-2,3-benzodiazepine

Question 4: Treatment of psychotic symptoms occurring in patients with ________ of the Lewy-body-type
Alzheimer's diseaseHuntington's diseaseParkinson's diseaseDementia

Question 5: Patients are advised to inform their doctor if they develop a sore throat, or ________.
FeverFatigue (medical)Influenza-like illnessHeadache

Question 6: It is insoluble in water, soluble in ________, and very soluble in chloroform.
CholesterolAcetoacetic acidAcetoneSqualene

Question 7: In addition to ________, significant weight gain is frequently experienced by patients treated with clozapine.
Impaired glucose toleranceHyperglycemiaPrediabetesICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings

Question 8: Treatment of otherwise resistant acute episodes of ________
ManiaSchizoaffective disorderMajor depressive disorderBipolar disorder

Question 9: In December 2002, clozapine was also approved for reducing the risk of suicide in schizophrenic or ________ patients judged to be at chronic risk for suicidal behavior.
Mood disorderSchizoaffective disorderBipolar disorderMajor depressive disorder

Question 10: Many male patients have experienced ceasure of ________ during orgasm as a side effect of Clozapine though this is not documented in official drug guides.
Sexual intercourseEjaculationMasturbationErection

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