Clover: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Beatrice Winde play in the videomovie Clover?
Aunt Katie
Sara Kate

Question 2:
What classis does Clover belong to?

Question 3: Clovers are a valuable survival food, as they are high in ________, widespread, and abundant.

Question 4:
What family does Clover belong to?

Question 5:
Who played Gaten's brother-in-law the videomovie Clover?
Ernie Hudson
Ntare Mwine
Ron Canada
Ntare Mwine

Question 6:
Who played Clover the videomovie Clover?
Elizabeth McGovern
Loretta Devine
Zelda Harris
Zelda Harris

Question 7:
What divisio is Clover a part of?

Question 8:
Who played Aunt Katie the videomovie Clover?
Beatrice Winde
Elizabeth McGovern
Beatrice Winde
Zelda Harris

Question 9: When ________ are managed so that clover does not recur at shorter intervals than eight years, it grows with much of its pristine vigour.
Crop rotationAgricultureSustainable agricultureOrganic farming

Question 10: Trifolium amoenum Greene - Showy Indian Clover (________ in the United States)
CaliforniaLos AngelesSacramento, CaliforniaSan Jose, California

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