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Question 1: Cloudbase for the HQ of ________, TV series
Joe 90UFO (TV series)Thunderbirds (TV series)Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Question 2: The cloud base (or the base of the cloud) is the lowest ________ of the visible portion of the cloud.
AltitudeAtmospheric pressureAltimeterSea level

Question 3: Cloud base is an important meteorological variable for aviation safety, as it determines whether pilots may use Visual Flight Rules (VFR) or must follow ________ for take-off or landing.
Instrument landing systemInstrument flight rulesInstrument approachAir traffic control

Question 4: This article refers to meteorology. For the airborne base of the TV series ________, see Cloudbase.
UFO (TV series)Joe 90Thunderbirds (TV series)Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Question 5: It is traditionally expressed either in m or feet above ________ (or planetary surface), or as the corresponding pressure level in hectopascal (hPa, equivalent to millibar).
Sea levelCurrent sea level risePhysical oceanographyThermohaline circulation

Question 6: The height of the cloud base can be estimated from surface measurements of air temperature and ________.
WindPrecipitation (meteorology)Water vaporHumidity


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