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Cloud Strife: Quiz


Question 1: He is one of several playable Final Fantasy VII characters in Itadaki Street Special for the PlayStation 2 and ________ for the PlayStation Portable.
Itadaki StreetFinal Fantasy X-2Dragon QuestDragon Warrior III

Question 2: Cloud's appearance is marked by spikey blonde hair, striking blue eyes, dark clothing and his Buster Sword (バスターソード?),[1] which previously belonged to his friend ________.
Cloud StrifeSephiroth (Final Fantasy)Aerith GainsboroughZack Fair

Question 3: [100] In an ________ poll from 2008, Cloud was voted as the 2nd most popular video game character.
Billboard BrasilBillboard (magazine)Syndicat National de l'Édition PhonographiqueOricon

Question 4: [81] ________ placed him seventh in their "Top Ten: List of Videogame Characters."[82] UGO placed him at the top on their list of "Top 25 Japanese RPG Characters".
Video game consoleElectronic Gaming MonthlyEGM April Fools' jokesNintendo Power

Question 5: His original design was created by Final Fantasy VII character designer ________.
Kingdom HeartsYoshitaka AmanoTetsuya NomuraFinal Fantasy IV

Question 6: [96][97][98] ________ featured him in their poll "All Time Greatest Game Hero".
GameSpotLast.fmCBSCNET Networks

Question 7:
Cloud Strife was part of which series?
Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
The Champions
The Sing-Off
Springfield won series 4 - 1

Question 8:

Question 9: [80] He was named best character of all time in Dengeki PlayStation's retrospective awards feature about the original ________.
PlayStation 3PlayStation PortablePlayStationPlayStation 2

Question 10: Cloud is the hero representing Final Fantasy VII in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, where he is, as in all his recent appearances, voiced by ________ in the Japanese version and by Steve Burton in the English version.
Code Geass.hack//RootsTakahiro SakuraiNamco × Capcom

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