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Clothing in the ancient world: Quiz


Question 1: Historians believe that originally the toga was worn by all Romans during the combined centuries of the Roman monarchy and its successor, the ________.
Ancient RomeClassical antiquityRoman EmpireRoman Republic

Question 2: ________ was plentiful in Nubia and imported for jewelry and other decorative arts.

Question 3: ________ were the same for both sexes; sandals braided with leather, or, particularly for the bureaucratic and priestly classes, papyrus.
ShoeFlip-flopsAthletic shoeBoot

Question 4: The cone usually was made of ox tallow and ________ and as time passed, melted and released a pleasant perfume.
New TestamentJesusMyrrhOrthodox Church

Question 5: The practice of the embalming made it possible to develop cosmetic products and ________ very early.
PerfumeIncenseFragrance extractionEssential oil

Question 6: In ________, flax was the textile in almost exclusive use.
New KingdomAncient EgyptPtolemaic KingdomAlexander the Great

Question 7: The modern Western ________ also has inherited elements from ancient Roman wedding attire, such as the bridal veil and the wedding ring.
White weddingWedding ceremony participantsCambodiaUnited Kingdom

Question 8: The figures depicted on ancient Roman armored breastplates often include barbarian warriors in ________ and trousers.
ShirtClothing terminologyBlouseCollar (clothing)

Question 9: The women of ________ wore the garment more as an underskirt than the men, by lengthening it.

Question 10: A woman convicted of adultery might be forced to wear a toga as a ________ and curiously, as a symbol of the loss of her female identity.
United StatesEuropeEnglandBadge of shame


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