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Clothing in ancient Rome: Quiz


Question 1: ________ was likely used most often, as it was obtained easily and was relatively easy to prepare.

Question 2: the ________ or toga palmata, with a gold border, used by generals in their triumphs
Dress codeSandalSumptuary lawToga

Question 3: saffron toga - worn by ________ and priestesses, white with a purple band, also worn by consuls on public festivals and equites during a transvectio
Ancient RomeImperial cult (ancient Rome)Pontifex MaximusAugur

Question 4: The ________ of Tarentum were renowned for the quality of their wool, although the Romans never ceased trying to optimise the quality of wool through cross-breeding.
GoatMuslim Agricultural RevolutionDomestic sheepAgriculture

Question 5: A rare luxury cloth with a beautiful golden sheen, known as ________, was made from the byssus or fibres produced by Pinna noblis, a large Mediterranean seashell.
Sea silkPashminaSpandexC change

Question 6: Clothing in ancient Rome generally consisted of the toga, the tunic, the stola, brooches for these, and ________.

Question 7: The bulla was meant to be a lucky charm to protect her until the eve of her ________.
PolyamoryMarriageRomance (love)Family

Question 8: ________, that is, cocoons collected from the wild after the insect had eaten its way out, also was known.
Indus RiverSamia cynthiaWild silkEri silk

Question 9: crocota - saffron robe worn by women during ceremonies to ________
CybeleGreek mythologyZeusDionysus

Question 10: There is some evidence that ________ was used,[1] but less often.

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