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Question 1: ________ and So You Think You Can Dance are an exception to this, showing the full credits in a regular scroll as the shows close (along with voting disclaimers).
American Idol ExtraAmerican IdolAmerican Idol (season 6)American Idol (season 8)

Question 2: Soaps that are rerun on ________ continue to use full-screen credits.
American Broadcasting CompanyDisney-ABC Television GroupSOAPnetESPN

Question 3: Some sitcoms, such as Friends or ________ showed an extra scene, as the credits still aired in split-screen mode.
Frasier CraneLilith SterninFrasierCheers

Question 4: Sometimes the closing credits include ________.
Looney TunesBlooperDon RicklesStar Trek: The Original Series

Question 5: Most daytime ________ used closing credits for many years.
Soap operaCoronation StreetHolby CityBrookside

Question 6: [1] ________ started this practice in fall 1994.
Universal SportsNBCTelemundoShopNBC

Question 7: Around Christmas time, ABC soaps air holiday-themed credits; in 2007 and 2008, ________ scrolled the credits over a shot of a lighted Christmas tree.
Todd ManningOne Life to LiveAgnes NixonLlanview, Pennsylvania

Question 8: Sometimes, post-credits scenes or ________ are added to the end of films along with the closing credits.
Star Trek: The Original SeriesDon RicklesLooney TunesBlooper

Question 9: The only ________ program that runs its end credits free of sidescreen promos is its Hallmark Hall of Fame series, with its full scrolling credits, the way it was produced and intended to be seen.
NBCCBSAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CW Television Network

Question 10: Other networks that use this method of airing credits include most of the Viacom networks, such as MTV, Nickelodeon, and ________.
Comedy CentralSpike (TV channel)MTV2VH1

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