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Closed timelike curve: Quiz


Question 1: In curved spacetimes the light cone will be "tilted" along the spacetime's ________.
GeodesicAffine connectionGeneral relativityMetric tensor

Question 2: In a Lorentzian manifold, a closed timelike curve (CTC) is a worldline of a material particle in ________ that is "closed," returning to its starting point.
SpacetimeTime dilationT-symmetryProper time

Question 3: If CTCs exist, their existence would seem to imply at least the theoretical possibility of time travel backwards in time, raising the spectre of the ________.
Ontological paradoxMany-worlds interpretationGrandfather paradoxNovikov self-consistency principle

Question 4: Ordinarily, ________ demands that each event in spacetime is preceded by its cause in every rest frame.
AristotleImmanuel KantCausalityDeterminism

Question 5: the Kerr vacuum (which models a rotating uncharged ________)
Black holeReissner–Nordström metricSchwarzschild metricKerr–Newman metric

Question 6: CTCs have an unnerving habit of appearing in locally unobjectionable exact solutions to the ________ of general relativity, including some of the most important solutions.
GravitationIntroduction to general relativityGravitational waveEinstein field equations

Question 7: the ________ (which models a cylindrically symmetric configuration of dust),
Closed timelike curveGödel metricVan Stockum dustCornelius Lanczos

Question 8: When discussing the evolution of a system in general relativity, or more specifically ________, physicists often refer to a "light cone".
Special relativityMinkowski spaceSpacetimeMetric tensor

Question 9: If the object were in ________ it would travel up the t axis, if it accelerates it moves across the x axis as well.
Equivalence principleParachuteFree fallJoseph Kittinger

Question 10: An object's possible future locations are limited by the speed that the object can move, which is at best the ________.
OpticsPhotonSpeed of lightSun

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