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Closed captioning: Quiz


Question 1: The European teletext systems are the source for closed captioning signals, thus when teletext is embedded into ________ or DVB-S the closed captioning signal is included.
Digital Video BroadcastingDVB-TDVB-HDVB-S2

Question 2: Coloration is rarely used in North America, but can sometimes be seen on music videos on ________ or VH-1, and in the captioning's production credits.

Question 3: The Line 21 data stream can consist of data from several data channels ________ together.
MultiplexingMultiplexerOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexingStatistical multiplexing

Question 4: Movies from ________ don't have Closed captioning, albeit they use subtitles.
Universal Media StudiosUniversal Studios FloridaNBC Universal Television DistributionUniversal Studios

Question 5: [citation needed] The other logo, trademarked by the National Captioning Institute, was a ________ in the shape of a TV; 2 such versions exist: one with a tail on the left, the other with a tail on the right.
AsterixComic stripComicsSpeech balloon

Question 6: Captioning is transmitted and stored differently in ________ and SECAM countries, where teletext is used rather than Line 21, but the methods of preparation are similar.

Question 7: A musical note symbol (________ in UK, Ireland and Australia) is used to indicate song lyrics or background music.
TildeBracketNumber signExclamation mark

Question 8: Their presence is referenced on screen by notation which says "Subtitles", or previously "Subtitles 888" or just "888" (the latter two are in reference to the conventional ________ channel for captions).
TeletextNTSCBroadcast flagClosed captioning

Question 9: A captioned telephone (also called captioned relay or Cap-Tel) is a ________ that displays real-time captions of the current conversation.
Telephone exchangeTelephone related articlesTelephoneAlexander Graham Bell

Question 10: ________, the company behind the DTS surround sound standard have a digital captioning device called the DTS-CSS or Cinema Subtitling System.
Dolby LaboratoriesBlu-ray DiscDolby DigitalDTS (sound system)


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