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Clones: Quiz


Question 1: It is also the home town of noted boxers ________ and Kevin McBride.
Barry McGuiganDavid BeckhamLennox LewisJoe Calzaghe

Question 2: Clones was the birthplace of poet Thomas Bracken, who wrote "________", one of the national anthems of New Zealand
God Defend New ZealandAdvance Australia FairGod Bless FijiGod Save the Queen

Question 3: The incident, known as the 'Clones Affray' at the time, threatened to cause the collapse of the ________ and prompted the British government to suspend the withdrawal of British troops from the Free State.
Anglo-Irish TreatyNorthern IrelandIrish Free StateIreland

Question 4: In February 1922, just after the partition of Ireland, Clones was the scene of a confrontation between the Ulster Special Constabulary and the ________.
Michael Collins (Irish leader)Irish Republican ArmyIrish Republican Army (1922–1969)Irish nationalism

Question 5: The area is part of the Border, Midlands and Western Region, earmarked for economic development by the ________ due to its currently below average economic situation.
Government of IrelandNorthern Ireland ExecutiveGovernment of the United KingdomWelsh Assembly Government

Question 6: This stadium is regularly used for inter-county matches during the Ulster provincial championship in ________, and traditionally hosts the final.
Gaelic footballHurlingCamogieInternational rules football

Question 7: Since the end of the Irish War of Independence in July 1921, the IRA were acting as the de facto army of the Provisional Government of the ________.
Northern IrelandIrish Free StateAnglo-Irish TreatyIreland

Question 8: The town was a major Great Northern Railway (Ireland) Railway junction during the 19th and early 20th centuries, where routes from Enniskillen, ________, Cavan, and Dundalk converged.
TandrageeCounty ArmaghArmaghLurgan

Question 9: A unit of Special Constabulary was travelling by train to Belfast, but was stopped by an IRA unit at Clones, in ________, while they were changing trains.
Southern IrelandNorthern IrelandIrish RepublicIrish Free State

Question 10: In 836, the ________ was burnt; and in 929, Ceanfoile, coharb of Clones and Clogher, died here.


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