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Question 1: Normally cylinders are made of soft pliable materials, such as ________, silicone, rubber or a combination of these.
GelGel (disambiguation)Hair gelColloid

Question 2: Some ________-altered female bodybuilders, with clitorises already enlarged, may require such techniques.

Question 3: This device derives from the male prototype, the penis pump, which appeared in the early 1900s and is intended for sexual enhancement, or the treatment of ________.
Sexual fetishismErectile dysfunctionHypersexualitySexual dysfunction

Question 4: A clitoral pump usually consists of the cylinder (cup) and a ________ (hand-squeeze bulb) with a tube.
Water wellHand pumpKošiceEngland

Question 5: A clitoral pump is a sex toy designed for women's pleasure that is applied to the ________ and/or labia to create suction and increase blood flow to the genitals.
ClitorisFemale ejaculationClitoral erectionVagina

Question 6: The clitoral pump, like the penis pump, may be used prior to, or during, ________ for temporary effect.
MasturbationSexual intercourseOrgasmHuman sexual behavior

Question 7: To use the device, the cylinder is placed over the clitoris and a ________ is created between the skin and device by operation of the hand pump.
VacuumVacuum pumpUniverseOuter space

Question 8: Their use is often recommended by physicians for treating female sexual problems connected with ________.
Major depressive disorderErectile dysfunctionSexual dysfunctionAnorgasmia

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