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Question 1:
How do you write Clitoral glans in latin?
glans clitoridis
Archidioecesis Leopolitana Latinorum
vena emissaria occipitalis
Dioecesis Huanucensis

Question 2: The clitoral glans is highly sensitive, containing as many nerve endings as the analogous organ in males, the ________, making it particularly well-suited for sexual stimulation.
ProstateReproductive systemGlans penisForeskin

Question 3: The clitoral glans (glans clitoridis) is an external portion of the ________.
ClitorisClitoral erectionVaginaFemale ejaculation

Question 4: The head or glans of the clitoris is roughly the size and shape of a ________, although it can be significantly larger or smaller.
Dietary fiberLentilBeanPea

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