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Question 1: San Francisco's ________ is a prime example of a free clinic.
AIDSInfectious diseaseChiropracticSuitcase Clinic

Question 2: A clinic (or an outpatient clinic) is a small private or public health facility that is devoted to the care of outpatients, often in a community, in contrast to larger ________, which also treat inpatients.
Health care providerHealth care systemHealth scienceHospital

Question 3: ________ clinics are usually operated by physiotherapists and psychology clinics by clinical psychologists, and so on for each health profession.
MassageSpeech and language pathologyNutritionPhysical therapy

Question 4: Both began as much smaller group practices that have grown into large medical programs in the ________, whilst retaining their names.
United StatesAlaskaCanadaPhilippines

Question 5: General practice clinics are run by one or several ________ or practice managers.
MedicineMedical schoolGeneral practitionerPhysician

Question 6: One of its most celebrated members was ________.
PsychotherapyAnti-psychiatryR. D. LaingExistentialism

Question 7: In India these traditional clinics provide ________ medicine and unani herbal medical practice.
AyurvedaHerbalismNaturopathyAlternative medicine

Question 8: These are often associated with a hospital or ________.
PhysicianMedicineMedical educationMedical school

Question 9: In each of these countries ________ tends to be a hereditary practice.
Medicine in medieval IslamHerbalismAlternative medicineTraditional medicine

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