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Climate of Antarctica: Quiz


Question 1: Its climate was much warmer before it was finally separated from ________.
South AmericaAmericasNorth AmericaLatin America

Question 2: Along the ________, temperatures as high as 15°C (59°F) have been recorded, though the summer temperature is usually around 2°C (36°F).
Antarctic PeninsulaAntarcticaEast AntarcticaVostok Station

Question 3: The low temperatures result in a very low absolute ________, which means that dry skin and cracked lips are a continual problem for scientists and expeditioners working in the field.
Water vaporWindHumidityPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 4: For comparison, this is 11 C° colder than subliming ________.
AmmoniaDry iceCarbonCarbon dioxide

Question 5: Areas that receive less than 250 mm (10 in) of precipitation per year are classified as ________.
AntarcticaDesertSaharaAtacama Desert

Question 6: The climate of ________ is the coldest on the whole of Earth.
Atacama DesertKalahari DesertDesertAntarctica

Question 7: See also: Ross Ice Shelf, Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, ________, Abbot Ice Shelf, Dotson Ice Shelf, Getz Ice Shelf, Shackleton Ice Shelf, West Ice Shelf.
Antarctic PeninsulaAn Inconvenient TruthCarl Anton LarsenLarsen Ice Shelf

Question 8: Last open from about 1900 years ago to 6500 years ago, probably due to warmth during the ________.
GreenlandHolocene climatic optimumLittle Ice AgeYounger Dryas

Question 9: For the contribution of Antarctica to present and future sea level change, see ________.
Global climate modelCurrent sea level riseEl Niño-Southern OscillationPhysical oceanography

Question 10: Large ice shelves, such as the ________, have also been shrinking in size, though because these are already floating in the ocean, this will not cause sea level rise.
Latady IslandRothschild IslandWilkins SoundAntarctica


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