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Cliff Arquette: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Cliff Arquette play in the telemovie Dragnet?
Oskar Hovejg
Sgt. Slats Henry
Al Morgan
Bob Tepps

Question 2: Two years later he expanded--now he has a pipe organ and a ________.
Mountain GorillaGorillaChimpanzeeHominidae

Question 3: "Weaver" issued books compiled from the letters, and also recorded a comedy album based on the routine for ________.
RCA RecordsLegacy RecordingsSony Music EntertainmentColumbia Records

Question 4: "We're all proud of Ludlow [Bean]. When he first came to Mount Idy, he started out in a small way. He started as an organ grinder, with one small ________.
HominidaePrimateMonkeyOld World monkey

Question 5: Additionally, he played the role of General Sam Courage (for whom Fort Courage had been named) in the March 30, 1967 episode of ________.
Wendy and MeCheyenne (1955 TV series)Maverick (TV series)F Troop

Question 6: "The entire population of Mount Idy--308 souls in all--was rushed to the Mount Idy Emergency Hospital on ________, due to a slight oversight on the part of Ludlow Bean.
ChristmasIndependence Day (United States)Memorial DayNew Year's Day

Question 7: That gig did not lend itself well to the "Letters from Mamma" theme, so he shifted his standard joke setting to his presumed residency in a ________, which he simply referred to as "out at The Home".
Medicare (United States)United KingdomNursing homeElderly care

Question 8: Arquette himself was born in ________).
Toledo, OhioClevelandColumbus, OhioAkron, Ohio

Question 9: Host ________ happened to ask the rhetorical question, "Whatever became of Cliff Arquette?" That startled Arquette so much that, "I almost dropped my Scotch!"
Jack PaarSteve AllenJohnny CarsonJay Leno

Question 10: He continued his "Charley Weaver" characterization on ________, with the same cornpone humor.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992 TV series)The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien2010 Tonight Show conflictThe Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

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