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Question 1: It is often used to refer to the religious leadership in Islam, where the term "priest" is not accurate and where terms such as "________" are not widely understood in the English-speaking world.
FiqhIslamic Golden AgeUlemaSharia

Question 2: [3] Minor Orders are still given in the ________, and those who receive those orders are 'minor clerics.'[4]
Roman Catholic theologyLatin RiteEastern Catholic ChurchesEast–West Schism

Question 3: A cleric (________ κληρικός - klērikos), clergyman (pl.
Ancient GreekAeolic GreekAttic GreekDoric Greek

Question 4: churchmen) is a member of the ________ of a religion, especially one who is a priest, preacher, pastor or other religious professional.

Question 5: [1] In Latin Roman Catholicism, the tonsure was a prerequisite for receiving any of the minor orders or major orders before the tonsure, minor orders, and the subdiaconate were abolished following the ________.
Catholic ChurchPope Benedict XVISecond Vatican CouncilPope John Paul II

Question 6: Within ________, especially in Eastern Christianity and formerly in Western Roman Catholicism, the term cleric refers to any individual who has received the clerical tonsure, including deacons, priests, and bishops.
ChristianityChristian denominationBaptistEcumenism

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