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Clearwater River (Idaho): Quiz


Question 1: The large Middle Fork flows from the ________ in the east, while the much smaller South Fork originates in the Rockies to the south.
Rocky MountainsMexicoMexico CityContinental Divide of the Americas

Question 2: ________ follows the river to Kamiah, where it is joined by Lawyer Creek.
U.S. Route 12U.S. Route 10U.S. Route 2U.S. Route 52

Question 3: Clearwater River (west of Orofino to Lewiston-________)
Columbia River GorgeOregon TrailSnake RiverColumbia River

Question 4: As the river canyon cuts deeper into the Columbia Plateau, the Clearwater passes the unincorporated communities of Myrtle and Arrow, where it receives the ________ from the right.
Celilo FallsColumbia RiverSnake RiverPotlatch River

Question 5: Here, ________ crosses the Clearwater while Highway 12 continues running along the north shore.
U.S. Route 99U.S. Route 10U.S. Route 95U.S. Route 93

Question 6: At Orofino the river swings northwest and runs in a nearly straight line for about 3 miles (4.8 km), then receives the ________ from the right at Ahsahka close to Dworshak Reservoir.
Snake RiverClearwater River (Idaho)Potlatch RiverNorth Fork Clearwater River

Question 7:
  • ________ (Latah, Clearwater and Nez Perce Counties)
    Celilo FallsColumbia RiverPotlatch RiverSnake River

Question 8: The Dworshak Reservoir is the only major ________ on the Clearwater system, created from the Dworshak Dam, completed in the early 1970s.
Great LakesLakeEndorheic basinVolcano

Question 9: In October 1805, the ________ descended the Clearwater River in dugout canoes, putting in at "Canoe Camp," five miles (8 km) downstream from Orofino.
Missouri RiverColumbia RiverSacagaweaLewis and Clark Expedition

Question 10: The ________ of the Clearwater River is 9,645 square miles (24,980 km2).
Drainage basinDuneRiver deltaSediment transport


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