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Clean Water Act: Quiz


Question 1: Public Health Service Act of 1912. Expanded the mission of the ________ to study problems of sanitation, sewage and pollution.
United States Public Health ServiceCenters for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesFood and Drug Administration (United States)Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Question 2:
What is the full name of Clean Water Act?
Water & Power Development Authority Football Club
Federal Water Pollution Control Amendments of 1972
Tiro Federal Argentino
Abdus-Shahid M. S. Ali, Petitioner v. Federal Bureau of Prisons et al.

Question 3: [25] These standards are applicable to ________ and other industrial facilities.
Electricity generationHydroelectricityNuclear powerPower station

Question 4: collect and analyze ________ samples), and submit Discharge Monitoring Reports to the appropriate agency, to demonstrate compliance.
Freshwater environmental quality parametersWastewaterWater pollutionWater quality

Question 5: ________ runoff from industrial sources, municipal storm drains, and other sources were not specifically addressed in the 1972 law.
Water pollutionStormwaterUrban runoffEutrophication

Question 6: industrial facilities (including ________, mining, oil and gas extraction, and service industries)

Question 7: Because some of the six exemptions involved new activities, such as minor drainage and ________ (the clearing of forests by the timber industry), Congress recognized the need to impose some limitations on exemptions.
ClearcuttingWorld Forestry CongressSilvicultureLumber

Question 8: A system of grants for construction of municipal ________ plants was authorized and funded in Title II.
Sewage sludge treatmentAnaerobic digestionIndustrial wastewater treatmentSewage treatment

Question 9: These permits are an essential part of protecting ________, which are often filled by land developers.

Question 10: The 1987 WQA expanded the program to cover ________ discharges explicitly, both from municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4) and industrial sources.
StormwaterWater pollutionSurface runoffStorm drain


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