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Clavicle: Quiz


Question 1: At its lateral end it articulates with the acromion of the ________ (shoulder blade) at the acromioclavicular joint.
HumerusScapulaCoracoid processClavicle

Question 2: The earliest tetrapods retained this arrangement, with the addition of a diamond-shaped interclavicle between the base of the clavicles, although this is not found in living ________.

Question 3: The cleithrum disappeared early in the evolution of reptiles, and is not found in any living ________, but the interclavicle is present in most modern reptiles, and also in monotremes.

Question 4: The interclavicle is absent in ________ and placental mammals.

Question 5: A portrait of actress ________, her right clavicle clearly visible.
Lost (season 3)Pilot (Lost)Lost (TV series)Maggie Grace

Question 6: In human anatomy, the clavicle or collar bone is classified as a long ________ that makes up part of the shoulder girdle (pectoral girdle).
BoneHuman skullHuman skeletonHead and neck anatomy


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