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Claves: Quiz


Question 1: Nowadays they are also made of ________ or plastics due to the greater durability of these materials.
Optical fiberSilicon dioxideFiberglassAsbestos

Question 2: The word "clave" is pronounced /ˈklɑːveɪ/ in the Spanish style (as in "________"), though some American musicians pronounce it /ˈkleɪv/, rhyming with 'gave.
Marian devotionsMagnificatRosaryHail Mary

Question 3: Claves are a ________ (idiophone), consisting of a pair of short (about 20-30 cm), thick dowels.
Bass drumPercussion instrumentPianoTimpani

Question 4: ________'s Music for Pieces of Wood is written for five pairs of claves.
Minimalist musicSteve ReichPhilip GlassTehillim (Reich)

Question 5: Claves are very important in ________, such as the Son and Guaguancó.
Music of MexicoMusic of the Dominican RepublicMusic of CubaMusic of Puerto Rico


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