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Clause: Quiz


Question 1: Many dependent clauses, such as "before he comes" or "because they agreed," consist of a ________-like subordinating conjunction, plus what would otherwise be an independent clause.
NounInfinitiveCopula (linguistics)Preposition and postposition

Question 2: In ________, a clause is a pair or group of words that consist of a subject and a predicate, although in some languages and some types of clauses, the subject may not appear explicitly as a noun phrase.
LinguisticsSyntaxGenerative grammarGrammar

Question 3: It may instead be marked on the verb (this is especially common in ________).
Romance languagesGrammatical genderInflectionNull subject language

Question 4: In English, adjective clauses typically come at the end of their phrase and usually have a relative pronoun forming a ________.
Relative clauseGrammatical caseAccusative caseComplementizer

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